First class doesn’t have to be frivolous says Capita Travel and Events

6 May 2014

Capita Travel and Events has revealed that despite the market reduction in first class rail travel for business, travellers are still using this class of travel but they’re travelling cheaper by booking smarter.

Capita Travel and Events attributes the trend to changes in buying behaviour driven by data analysis, use of appropriate and effective tools to reduce total costs and interactive communication with both travellers and travel bookers.

Raj Sachdave MCIPS, Head of Rail Product, Capita Travel and Events, said: “It is natural that premium travel and accommodation comes under greater scrutiny in times of austerity. We work with procurement teams to establish where realistic changes in buying behaviour could lower the total cost for those customers who still need to travel in premium.

"The agency’s recent snapshot review of customer rail trends shows that while the proportion of first class rail travellers has almost halved in four years, their use of cheaper advanced tickets has doubled to 47 percent.


Sachdave continued: “Policies allowing travellers to use first class tickets when they are cheaper than standard tickets can work well, but successful campaigns aren’t just about enforcing travel policies to increase compliance. They’re about communicating, engaging with and educating the travellers and the travel bookers with objectives endorsed by their procurement teams. You can tell a traveller that they could have booked a journey with a slightly later departure time and saved £100 on rail tickets. But if someone else books their travel on their behalf and factors on the side of caution with timings, you’re communicating to the wrong person."

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