Big data, big deal

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Providing travel and meetings buyers with a vision of the new opportunities and challenges that big data brings.

Most corporates now focus on cost reduction and traveller wellbeing. They want savings, but not at the expense of the traveller experience. As a result, buyers and agents alike are looking for new approaches that fulfil both objectives.

At the same time, data is growing exponentially thanks to advances in technology and computing. And yet less than 0.5% of all data is ever analysed and used.

In this day and age, it’s not about how much data an organisation has, it’s about having the capability to bring together the right data sources to connect the dots intelligently. That ability to achieve a 360-degree holistic view of disparate data sets has never been more critical and the opportunities for travel and meetings management are staggering…

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Whitepaper: Big data, big deal

Our whitepaper explores how we’re setting out to provide travel and meeting buyers with a vision of the challenges faced by big data.


“Companies need data-led insights on a wide range of issues that will help them look at travel and meetings in a smarter way. It’s the power of effective influence which is sorely missing in many organisations’ travel strategies.”

Trevor Elswood, Chief Commercial Officer at Capita Travel and Events