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Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, we're here to help each other. This handy hub of information and advice has been put together to help you, whether you're continuing to travel, working from home or a mix of the two. 

Whilst we are doing what we can to keep all information current, the situation rapidly changes, so along with this page we recommend regularly checking other sources of information from UK Governmental advice, through to country specific advice and guidance.  

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Friday 15 January

All Travel Corridors from Monday at 4am will be closed

This means anyone arriving in to the UK from any of the current Countries on the list will need to self isolate for

10 days.

It is still to be determined if Test to Release will be possible for travellers from countries but  Negative Covid test will still be required 72 Hours before travel to the UK.

For further details, please continue to review government travel advice here.

Please continue to check reliable sources of information regularly for updates and changes to guidance.

Friday 8 January

Updated 15 January

International arrivals into the UK to require negative Covid-19 test

From 04:00 GMT on Monday, most international passengers will have to test negative for coronavirus before leaving their home country to travel to the UK, with rules on quarantine remaining for travellers when returning to the UK.

All international arrivals, including UK nationals, will have to present a negative Covid-19 test before they board a plane, train or boat bound for the UK, taken up to 72 hours before their journey began. The rule had been due to come into force today but the government said people needed time "to prepare".

All forms of polymerise chain reaction or PCR tests will be accepted, the government says, as will other tests "with 97% sensitivity and 99% specificity". Grant Shapps Transport Minister also stated that acceptable tests included those that give a result "in 20 or 30 minutes".

Regardless of their test result, all passengers arriving from countries not on the government's travel corridor list will still be required to self-isolate for 10 days. They will have the option to reduce their quarantine period to as little as five days by paying for another test on or after the fifth full day since travelling to England. Arrivals will also need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form and abide by the current lockdown restrictions.


Some travellers don't have to provide evidence of a negative test, including (please consider that these rules may change):

  • Anyone arriving from the Common Travel Area (the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man), 

  • ​Hauliers, air, international rail and maritime crew.

For further details, please continue to review government travel advice here.

COVID-19: Scotland's COVID restrictions tightened

Nicola Sturgeon has tightened COVID restrictions in Scotland, laying out six changes which will come into effect on Saturday 16 Jan. The rules are:

  • Statutory guidance on working from home - anyone who worked from home during first lockdown should do so again.

  • Working within homes now limited to the essential upkeep, maintenance or functioning of the home, by law.

  • Click-and-collect services limited to essential shopping such as clothing, baby equipment and books.

  • Customers no longer allowed to collect takeaways from inside restaurants - food must be handed over through a hatch or doorway.

  • Now against the law to drink alcohol outside in public in all Level 4 areas.

Please continue to check reliable sources of information regularly for updates and changes to guidance.

Monday 4 January

(Updated 5 January)

UK and Scottish government announce national lockdown measures from 5 January

From Tuesday 5 January, Scotland and England have introduced new, tighter national lockdown measures that mean you can only leave your home for an essential purpose - and are expected to last until the middle of February (England)/beginning of February (Scotland) if the situation in hospitals improve.

Measures also apply to international travel, where travelling for work is a legally permitted reason.

Rail travel

Rail networks are expected to continue to operate, though some open-access rail firms previously ceased operations during the March/April lockdown and may do so again.

There is a list of examples of reasonable excuses that include:

  • England: go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home.

  • Scotland: for work or an activity associated with seeking employment, or to provide voluntary or charitable services, but only where that cannot be done from your home.

For more information on:

Scotlandclick here.

England: click here.

Please continue to check reliable sources of information regularly.

Monday 4 January

Tier 4 business event rules confirmed for England

From 20 December the UK government introduced Tier 4, a new level of measures to England, with much of England's South East, East, Midland, North East and North West regions now under Tier 4 restrictions

The Government has confirmed that only essential business events can take place in Tier 4 areas across England.

Only business events for work, training or education purposes are permitted, with the added stipulation that they may only run if they cannot be delayed or conducted online. Under the latest government guidance, people in Tier 4 areas must stay at home, and work remotely unless they are unable to do so.

Tier 4 business travel rules

The government says people in these areas can “leave home for work purposes, where your place of work remains open and where you cannot work from home”. It added, “If you live in a Tier 4 area, you can only travel internationally - or within the UK - where you first have a legally permitted reason to leave home.” It said that travel for work purposes is one of the legally permitted reasons.

To check your local Tier, click here.

For more information on Tier 4 business event rules, click here.

Monday 21 December

Important information on travel restrictions


Following the news that a new variant of Covid-19 is circulating in the UK, a number of countries have imposed a ban on travel from the UK or other, lesser restrictions. The countries themselves, the time that these new measures are in place and the level are restrictions may vary and is likely to change frequently. So, it is important that travellers check guidance and advice for your destination before and during travel.

Civil Aviation Authority Update

Passengers not yet in the UK: We would not expect airlines to board passengers for their original departing flight where:

  • passengers are not able to complete their journey due to a flight ban, and

  • alternative routings excluding the UK are not available. 


In such cases, passengers may be entitled to a full refund under Regulation EC261 if:

  • their original point of departure was within the EU or

  • their airline was an EU carrier.


Passengers already in the UK: Where passengers have already landed in the UK but are not able to take their onward flight due to a flight ban, we would expect airlines to offer passengers an alternative routing to their final destination, where this is possible in light of the flight bans. Where an alternative routing is possible, we would expect the airline operating the onward flight to provide care and assistance in line with Regulation EC261.


We would expect airlines to offer a return flight to their original destination where:

  1. passengers have already landed in the UK but are not able to take their onward flight due to a flight ban, and an alternative routing to their final destination is not possible, and

  2. the airline is an EU carrier or where the original departure point was within the EU.  


Passengers whose original departing point was outside the EU, and whose airline is not an EU carrier, are advised to contact the airline with which they booked the flight for advice on their options. Passengers may also wish to contact the airline operating their onward flight that was cancelled as a result of a flight ban.


The UK Government has introduced a new Tier 4 level of restrictions for a number of areas in the South East and East of England. The guidance states that you should not enter or leave a Tier 4 area, except for what the government calls "legally permitted reasons", which include travelling for work when you cannot work at home. To check your tier, please check the government site here.

Changes to information and guidance can impact your travel and meeting plans so, please continue to review advice and guidance regularly.

Monday 14 December

Travel corridors and an update on German and French lockdown measures

UK quarantine reduced from 14 to ten days

The UK government has announced it is to reduce the period of quarantine for arrivals from countries which are not on the travel corridors list from 14 to 10 days.

Germany to go into lockdown over Christmas

Germany has remained in partial lockdown since Monday 2 November, and measures are planned to increase over the Christmas period from 16 December until 10 January. Under the national lockdown, essential shops, such as those selling food, will stay open, as can banks. Companies are being urged to allow employees to work from home.


An end to France's national lockdown

France's national lockdown is due to end on Tuesday 15 December, meaning those travelling are allowed to circulate freely and with the introduction of a curfew from 8pm to 6am daily, with an exception made for December 24, Christmas Eve. A strategy of mass testing is now planned, much like that seen in Liverpool.

Changes to information and guidance can impact your travel and meeting plans so, it's important to continue to review advice and guidance regularly.


Historic updates

We will now only host the latest of our updates on our primary Covid-19 support page.

For historic updates, please view this page.


Before you travel

Being preparing with the right information is essential to staying safe and feeling confident. Prior to your trip, read the information and check out the links below to arm yourself with the right tools and knowledge.

By air and Eurostar

While the risk of catching an infection on an aircraft is typically lower than in a shopping center or an office environment, there are simple measures you can take to reduce the risks, like practicing hand hygiene, wearing a face covering and not touching your face. Don't travel when ill and should you experience symptoms, seek medical attention. For accurate and real-time information, please check specific country entry and transit requirements well before travel on the Government website of your destination. In some cases, you will be required to complete pre-travel mandatory documentation days before travel.

By rail and ground transport

Much like air travel, there are simple measures you can take to reduce risks while you travel. You should practice hand hygiene, wear face coverings and avoid touching your face. You should also, where possible, use e-ticketing facilities. If e-ticketing is available for your journey, instructions will be advised on your booking confirmation.


Are hotels and venues open or closed?

Hotels and venues are updating us on their status regularly. To stay informed of status changes that may impact your bookings, we will pass this information on as quickly as possible. Please keep checking the link below to stay updated on full or partial closures or if hotels are open, or only open to key workers.

Infographic: Making the most of working from home

The current outbreak of COVID-19 is an ever changing situation and in light of the recent communications, the number of people working remotely is set to increase. We've put together some top tips so you can remain productive and safe whilst working from home over the coming weeks.

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Partner updates

We are regularly communicating with our partners to understand the impact and effects of the situation on their business and services to our customers. 


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Updates from the UK Government, including travel advice and guidance for businesses.


Advice, list of symptoms and tips to avoid catching and spreading the virus. 


Test and Trace

Download the UK Test and Trace App and find out what you need to do if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace.


Advice and updates from the World Health Organisation, including situational reports.


Skytrax provides independent, expert validation of airline and airport Covid-19 hygiene and safety measures.


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