Covid-19 testing

We support customers with an effective Covid-19 testing solution to support travellers and to help you get moving again safely.

To support a safe and confident return to travel, we offer customers an efficient and reliable testing service through our rates with our partner DiamondAir. Our Covid-19 testing solution minimises traveller disruption, whilst maximising safety and wellbeing.

Capita customers will benefit from a percentage discount prior to booking a test using the promotional code: CAP01


Approved tests

The RT-PCR Antigen Swab-based tests are the most sensitive tests available and the most effective for detecting Covid-19 in asymptomatic cases with a 99.9% accuracy rate, with no false-positive or false-negative results. The PCR tests are molecular tests for active infections. They detect the virus' genetic material from a swab of the patient's throat or nose.

Tests are PHE approved, MHRA authorised, CE marked for quality and safety assurances, and are couriered to labs.

Once results are processed, an automatic SMS message is received, and certified results are emailed in a printable PDF format to the traveller. There are a range of service options available dependent upon the urgency, with at airport clinic tests, express testing or home testing kits.

Passengers receive test results within between 24-72 hours of providing swab sample via clinic testing, or within 4 hours with express testing.

How it works

In conjunction with leading, accredited laboratory partners across the UK, our partnership with DiamondAir ensures capacity and test results are supplied whenever needed to support traveller itineraries - all through an efficient appointment and testing service.

Get booked

Travellers easily book tests via a dedicated online booking system and 24-hour contact centres. 

Get tested

Travellers take a ‘RT-PCR’ Antigen Swab test at the Clinic, where CQC-registered medics administer the test and send the sample to their lab. Results are then received within hours.

Get the results

Test results are received via email within 4-72 hours of testing, including a test certificate, which can be shown to Border Control Authorities to verify you’re fit to fly.

The right solution

Not every trip is the same and neither is every testing solution.


That's why we've crafted a range of service options to cover you, no matter if you need a test quickly, need support in getting to the testing clinic or need accommodation services.

24/7 service

Our testing service operates 7 days a week, as well as bank holidays to accommodate passengers travelling in and out of London. The testing clinic is conveniently located at Heathrow Airport, with medical professionals onsite to administer the swab tests.

When you’re ready to start moving and meetings, we’re ready with a testing solution to make it as safe and efficient as possible. If you want to know more about how you can book Covid-19 testing, get in touch with our teams.