We’re looking out for your people

We all have a duty of care to our employees, so it’s vital you have the products and practices to get it right.

Traveller tracking

Our technology makes it quick and easy to accurately monitor where your travellers and delegates are anywhere in the world, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Travel communications

Our personalised travel alerts give you important information when you need it most to keep you safe and secure whilst you're on the move.

24/7 support

Our UK-based, in-house team of experts are here for you; whether there's major disruption or a simple last minute change of plans, you're in safe hands.

With you every step of the way

With travel, meetings and events there are risks to employee safety and wellbeing but we face them head-on with our effective processes and easy to use technology.

By providing organisations with the tools to mitigate the risks, travellers can feel safe on the move and organisations are confident they can look after their people.

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Online and offline

Our intelligent technology and expert teams offer around the clock support for any disruption to your travel plans.

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Employees are happier and healthier when they feel safe and secure - we help you look after them.

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Risk management

We understand the risks and plan for when they could arise; through our expertise, processes and technology.

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Targeted information that reaches travellers through appropriate channels like email, iris:portal and SMS.

Consider the alternatives

Travel is about much more than getting employees from A to B, it should meet wider organisational objectives such as; employee productivity, connectivity, safety and wellbeing.


By challenging the needs of unnecessary travel and considering more efficient alternatives, you can avoid the risks of travel altogether

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