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The current outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is an ever changing situation in the travel, meetings and events industry, and as such our own advice and guidance will change in order to meet the challenges that arise.


We have and will continue to provide  information on this page to support our valued employees during this time.


We advise you to regularly review reliable sources of information and to help you, we have included some links to trusted sites.

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Frequently asked questions

These are unprecedented times, which of course raises many questions. Our Exec team and our Pandemic Planning Team (PPT) are working together to answer all of your questions, so please do be patient and check out our working FAQ document regularly for updates. (click the download icon to view the latest FAQ)

If you've read the FAQ's and you've got a question to ask then please get in touch by clicking the button below.


Weekly updates

Friday 29 May

Weekly business update

This week's business update features information, guidance and a reminder of the support available to you. Let's take a look at what's new this week:

  • COVID-19 supplier updates page - if you'd like to keep up to date with what our suppliers are doing to support customers  during the current situation, check our COVID-19 page here.

  • Furlough extension - we have been notified that a number of you have not yet received confirmation that your furlough period will be extended - please be assured that you will receive this in the coming days. Some of you may have already returned to work (notably the DWP secondment opportunity), if this is the case; please disregard the furlough extension letter.

  • Payroll queries - our managers have taken a number of payroll queries this month due to the volume of payroll changes. If you do have questions please see this payroll update, which covers the most frequently asked questions that we have received. I would like to encourage you to submit your payroll queries to the People Hub team in the first instance at peoplehub@capita.com where possible.

Have a fantastic weekend and as always, stay safe and we'll see you again soon.

Friday 15 May

Weekly business update

This week we wanted to focus on the importance of support mental health but if you missed any of the information we provided during the week, you can find links to the pages and resources below:

Have a fantastic Bank Holiday and as always, stay safe and we'll see you again soon.

Friday 15 May

Weekly business update

This week's business update features information, guidance and a reminder of the support available to you. Let's take a look at what's new this week:

  • Furlough update: Earlier this week, we saw the Government announce an extension to the furlough scheme until October. We will provide an update on what this means to our furloughed employees as soon as we understand the details.

  • Survey: Earlier this week, we asked you to complete the Shaping Tomorrow Together survey. We'd like to thank everyone that has completed the survey so far but for the few that haven't had a chance, the survey closes this Sunday. Please take 10-15 minutes to complete the survey so we can learn from all that we have achieved over the past few months. We have a fantastic opportunity to use this experience to change for the better.

  • Perks at work: Check out a brand new perk for employees in response to COVID-19, separate from the normal discounts and rewards program that offers fitness, personal/professional development, and fun educational classes for kids - all free. Check them out here.

  • Mental Health Awareness Week: Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year's theme is kindness! We'll be bringing you plenty of information, resources and a little bit of fun next week but if you’d like to get a head start, there are a number of ideas from the Mental Health Foundation here. Our top picks are ‘MHF Live’, The Plank Challenge and Virtual Curry and Chaat – not just a fantastic play on words but a great way to stay connected with others. Check them out and remember #kindnessmatters.

As always, stay safe and we'll see you again soon.

Thursday 7 May

Weekly business update

We're a little early with our update this week due to this week's Bank Holiday but despite the short week, we still have plenty to bring to you. Let's take a look at what's new this week.

  • Our commitment to you: We wanted to remind all of our colleagues of our first actions during the COVID-19 outbreak; to change our Mission and Purpose for the duration of this crisis. We stated: “our goal is to support the physical, emotional and financial health of all our employees and to do all we can to ensure everyone in our team is here when normal business resumes (and it will)”. A lot has changed since then but our commitment hasn’t - and won’t until normal business resumes.

  • An update the real living wage: Back in September, we announced that from 1 April 2020, we would pay all permanent UK colleagues a minimum of the real living wage. If you will benefit from these changes, your line manager will have been in touch to inform you. You will receive notification via Workday to confirm the details and you can also find loaded documents in Workday under the Personal section.

  • Capita BCP Site: Please feel free to take a moment to review the Capita BCP site here- https://colleagues.capita.co.uk/. This site has been designed to support our furlough colleagues.

  • Perks at work: Did you know you can still access Perks at work? simply click here and login.

  • Capita plc launch working apart but together pledge: The pledge asks us to; set boundaries, trust colleagues, be connected, prioritise wellbeing and make time to check-in.

We hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday, and as ever, stay safe and we'll see you again soon.

Friday 1 May

Weekly business update

This week's business update features information, guidance and a reminder of the support available to you. Let's take a look at what's new this week:

  • A video update from James - discussing the details around the recent government furlough extension, more information about the DWP secondment opportunity and a personal thank you for supporting the business. Watch the video here.

  • Remember to check our FAQs - If you have a question, the answer may be closer than you think - Click the icon under the frequently asked questions section above to view the latest FAQs.

  • Furlough guide - Check out news, information and support from the Capita group People function with resources to support you while on furlough. Click here to view the guide.

  • Workday smartphone guide - Check out this reference guide that provides step-by-step instructions for downloading the Workday application to your smartphone and logging in from your mobile device. Click here to view the guide.

  • Using Okta - Okta is the tool we use to connect colleagues with our applications on any device. Your username is your Pnumber followed by @capita.co.uk and then your password.If you need to reset your password, follow the Okta password reset process. If the password reset is unsuccessful, ask your line manager to provide a pre-approval email for this and then call the Capita IT support desk on 0808 169 8800. If you do not have an Okta log in, then please call the support desk on 0808 169 8800. 

As always, stay safe and we'll see you again soon.

Friday 24 April

Weekly business update

After another week with plenty of changes, we wanted to keep you in the loop with a few updates. If you have any questions relating to these updates, please use the 'ask a question' button above this update.

  • Secondment opportunity - Some of you may have been asked to assist Capita PLC to support the government during these difficult times by taking a seconded opportunity to work for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP); supporting the rapid expansion of queries regarding Universal Credit (UC). These are Key Worker roles and supports the national effort, with full training and equipment being provided. In addition, these roles will provide flexibility so that when our business volumes do return to a level that can support ramping up again, we can transfer you back to where you belong -  Capita Travel and Events. This is a fast-developing situation and while we don’t know all the facts yet, there will be further secondment opportunities and I would encourage all of you if you are approached to support these opportunities for the good of our business, Capita and the country.

  • Furlough extension - following a government announcement that the furlough scheme will be extended until the end of June, we are seeking clarity on next steps for our business and you – we will update you as soon as possible.

  • Access Workday - Great news! You can now access Workday on any device, just click here or download the Workday mobile application for easier access if you would prefer this platform.

Friday 17 April

A message from James

It has been a few weeks since James' last note out to everyone and as things are changing on a daily basis we wanted to try something new to let everyone know what has changed and keep you updated. Katie Blount recorded a chat with James and you can watch these videos using the links below:

PART 1 -  What has changed since the last update James - Furlough message & thank you (Duration 7min 45sec)

PART 2 - How the pandemic is effecting us as a business – covers cost savings, business trading & impact (Duration 7min 45sec)

PART 3 - Our Vision – Our people focus & future trends (Duration 6min 12sec)

PART 4 - Thinking differently & a personal message from James (Duration 4min 16sec)

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