Unlocking the value of travel, meetings and events

We’re more than a Travel Management Company. We work with UK organisations to understand how they buy, book and travel using our expertise, data and behavioural analytics to provide smarter travel, meetings and events - all whilst achieving cost savings without compromising value.

Why us?

Driving down costs and everything else that's complicated when it comes to managing travel, meetings and events is crucial - but our commitment to you is much deeper than that.

We aim to keep travellers safe, happy and relaxed every step of the way. How this affects your entire business and seeing the total impact this has on your organisation is what sets us apart.

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News and insights

Seatfrog: A giant leap for enhanced traveller experience

Rail travellers can now bid for First Class upgrades thanks to Capita Travel and Events’ innovative partnership with Seatfrog.

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Expert insights

Empowering our employees to "self-care"

Laura French shares more on the positive progress and essential changes we’re making to support our employees' wellbeing.

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Expert insights

5 ways to minimise risk in business travel

From education to technology and more, meet your duty of care and keep your travellers safe with Trevor Elswood’s top tips.

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Creating better outcomes

We create better outcomes. By working with UK organisations, we’re able to understand how they buy, book and travel using our expertise, data and behavioural analytics to provide smarter travel, meetings and events. Watch our video to find out more.

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Who we are

Our services describe what we do. But it's the culture and values that we live by which define who we are and how we get things done.

Through a culmination of experienced people, specialist technology and by applying our Smarter working approach, we build tailored solutions around your organisational needs and people.

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What we do

We serve any organisation that seeks the management and delivery of its employee travel, meetings and events across the UK and multi-regionally.

We keep your travellers, meeting and event delegates safe and productive, whilst reducing costs and driving up quality. But it doesn't just stop there...

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Our vision and purpose

“We will revolutionise business travel, meetings and events services through our knowledge, curiosity and innovation to enable every customer to realise the value of Smarter Working.”

Travel and meetings

Behind every meeting, there's a trip. That's why our ethos is to put meetings at the heart of travel.

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No matter the location or size, we will deliver that one event that won't be forgotten. 

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Smarter Working

Our Smarter Working programme keeps data analytics and virtual collaboration at the centre of your travel and meetings programme.

What's Smarter Working?

Interested? Let’s have a chat about your company’s travel, meetings and events objectives - from the stuff that keeps you awake at night, to the everyday experiences of your employees! Call us on 0330 390 0340, or submit your details below.