The unnoticed impact of business travel

What is the real impact of business travel?

Big meetings are always going to be necessary but there are always ways to cut costs and make it fit into the employee’s life better.

In our report "The unnoticed impact of business travel", we share our insight into how businesses can think smartly to ensure that travelling for business is effective for everyone involved, and how considering the wider smarter working picture is vital.

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The impact of business travel infographic


Takeaway box illustration

Grab a takeaway on their way home from work after travelling

Group meeting around a table illustration


Employees have travelled to a meetings that could have been summarised in an email.


Have missed a key social event as a result of business travel.

Illustration of a woman feeling unwell


Have felt ill or suffered from a lack of sleep as a result of business travel.

Man holding party balloons

There's a better way

We help organisations change their approach to the way they travel and meet, with a focus on traveller wellbeing.


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