Transaction fees, be gone!

Welcome to Navigator

We saw a gap in the market to create a simpler business travel solution because we believe you deserve more out of your travel management company. 

Your out of the box solution is here...

Navigator offers an off-the-shelf version of our suite of products for those looking for a simple travel solution that enables you to book your basic travel requirements, simply and quickly.  

With access to our iris technology, as well as our core working hours and office-based support services, you will benefit from our size and leverage, meaning you can take advantage of the same discounted travel rates as all of our customers.

Smart booking tools

Always be connected on the move through our online booking tool. With access to your itinerary, important travel alerts and useful information, you will have everything you need when you need it. 

Free of charge service

For companies like yours, we want to give you the ultimate travel experience, completely free of transaction fees!  

All the good stuff, zero fees!

Want to understand more about Navigator? Everyone loves a good infographic, so we've created one for Navigator. Check it out. 

Streamlined payment and administration

Take advantage of our centralised payment solution, consolidated invoicing, bill back facilities and VAT reclaim, saving you time and effort on your expenses and administration.

Data insight

Your monthly reports will contain all the data you need to understand your travel spend, allowing you to identify trends and make informed decisions.

Duty of care

Relax knowing your travellers have support from our experts - whether they need to change their travel plans or they've been affected by a wider crisis, we're there.

Enhance compliance

We'll integrate your company travel policy into the booking process so you can be sure you are always following the rules without having to think about it.

0% Fees! Sound good?

There is usually a fee associated from your travel management company when managing travel on your behalf. How about we get rid of those fees, so you can reduce your travel spend even further?! Sound good?