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7 ways to promote your travel policy internally

22 March 2018 by Lone Konradsen

Make your travel policy work for you: our expert shares the secrets of spreading your message and boosting compliance.

Effective use of a company travel policy is not only good for boardrooms and budgets, but employee wellbeing. Once you’ve defined your preferred partners and set your process, it’s important to make sure your employees are supportive of the guidelines in place.

You can read our guide to mandated and non-mandated travel policies here, but in the meantime, speaking to the right people, adding incentives and simplifying the document itself are all easy ways to make the travel policy work in practice. Here’s what you can do within your organisation to get the best results:

1. Name those responsible for promoting the travel policy

Encourage line managers to support compliance, so that spreading the message is a group effort. They should pay particular attention to new starters or others who are new to business travel.

2. Talk about the employee benefits

Suggested hotels and venues are often chosen on the basis of location and duty of care. Employees should know that following a travel policy is as much about their welfare as it is about budgets.

3. Turn it into a game

Create a league table at department level to compare travel spend and compliance with a policy. A bit of competition seems to get senior stakeholders to buy in.

4. Reward good behaviour

Generate interest in supporting a travel policy by providing incentives at department level. For example, could some of the savings generated be used for training or team-building days?

5. Make it easy to talk about

Include a summary sheet for your travel policy, and highlight any changes that occur. If a policy is long or complicated, employees are less likely to think positively about it.

6. Keep it visible

Display info in social hubs such as the canteen – it’s more eye-catching than on internet portals.

7. Find role models and tell their stories

Getting a senior person or road warrior to show compliance in a company magazine or online will inspire others to do the same.

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