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20 February 2018

Applying nudge theory to business travel and meetings in 2018

Trevor Elswood considers how behavioural economics can optimise sustainable savings, productivity and employee wellness.

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12 February 2018

Avoid being a victim of a fraud that targets hotel guests

Fraudsters will try anything, so awareness is vital when travelling for business. Here's one scam and how to avoid it...

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5 February 2018

Are you taking traveller wellness as seriously as you should?

Employee wellness, absenteeism and business travel are intrinsically linked, so make sure you know the facts.

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26 January 2018

10 jobs a travel management company can do for you

Business travel editor Gillian Upton lifts the lid on the skills today’s travel management companies should provide. 

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23 January 2018

9 expert tips for making the most of your meetings and events data

We crunch the numbers and share our secrets for maximising your meetings and events spend.

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18 January 2018

10 top tips for the perfect venue contract

Booking a venue? Don’t sign on the dotted line until you’ve read our expert checklist for what to look out for.

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16 January 2018

6 things you should know about virtual reality

Will virtual reality really transform business travel? Our chief innovation officer, Paul Saggar, looks at the facts.

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16 January 2018

How to… meet your duty of care to travellers

Keep your business travellers safe on the move - here is the expert advice of Janice Buffett from Healix.

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