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15 December 2016

How to… hire a car overseas without hassle

Get good value for money and stay safe with our car hire tips from Oliver Moore of Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

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2 December 2016

Rail fares are on the up - but what does that mean for you?

The Rail Delivery Group has announced that UK Train fares will rise by an average of 2.3% from 2 January 2017 - an increase over and above the rate of inflation.

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1 December 2016

11 steps to your best award ceremony ever

It's time to celebrate, reward and party with your colleagues and peers - but what makes an awards bash go with a bang? Here are Lucy's 11 steps...

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1 December 2016

What New Distribution Capability (NDC) means for you

The International Air Transport Association’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) programme has received a significant amount of media coverage over the past few years. 

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17 November 2016

Safety first: your guide to the latest business travel advice

Find out how to protect yourself and your employees abroad, according to the British Standards Institution.

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2 November 2016

6 reasons you can’t ignore employee recognition events

Understanding what motivates employees and using that to attract and retain the right people is important. And employers are looking for creative ways to reward people that matter.

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1 November 2016

8 money and time saving tips for group flight bookings

You might assume that booking a large group of travellers onto a flight will qualify you for added extras or cheaper seats. That can be true but flexibility is often be its biggest advantage.

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25 October 2016

Is your business ready for RFP season? Read our expert guide

As experts in hotel RFPs, we manage ad hoc negotiations throughout the year. October to December remains the busiest time, so here’s how to get your RFP off to the best start.

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