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Events space: blank canvas or fully equipped venue?

18 October 2016

Dry hire an empty venue to make it your own, or book a space already kitted out? We asked two expert for their views.

We asked two venue industry professionals to make the case for choosing a dry hire or fully equipped events space. Here’s what they said…

Hire a blank canvas

Photo of Kayleigh BrindleKayleigh Brindle, sales director, Victoria Warehouse

Dry hire venues – empty spaces you kit out yourself – offer clients complete flexibility.

Fully equipped venues can often be restrictive in terms of what you can bring in and how you can make the space your own. Whereas, you don’t have that problem with a dry-hire venue.

Our venues can be adapted to suit any event.

Last year, George Osborne delivered his Northern Powerhouse speech to 400 businesspeople at one of our venues. More recently, events have included a conference for 600 delegates in a pub followed by an evening festival, a 1920s charity gala dinner and an intensive boot camp for a global sports brand. In addition, we have overseen a three-day cycle exhibition and the launch of a car for a luxury automotive client.

You can be more creative.

We have five versatile event spaces, two of which have multiple rooms within them. Our largest venue is The Cotton Shed– a warehouse with eight rooms within it. It’s a dry-hire space and allows clients to create their ultimate event. We also have an on-site hotel with 36 bedrooms if people need to stay.

We have a list of preferred suppliers, which we highly recommend.

From hotels to production providers, these companies have lots of experience and offer our customers preferential rates. Our conference and events sales coordinators are always on hand to discuss requirements, such as catering. We work with chefs who can undertake everything from at-home-dining experiences to gala dinners for 3,000 people.

It’s excellent value for money.

In the world of contemporary events, every element of the occasion matters and the venue should be an integral part of that. It’s about creating an experience that people continue to talk about after the event is over. 

Book a fully equipped events space

Photo of Paul MartinsPaul Martins, director of sales, Cavendish Venues

Hiring a fully equipped venue takes away the stress from the event bookers.

They should be concentrating on the content of their event rather than worrying about logistics or if equipment is going to work properly on the day. We make life much easier – and you can’t put a price on the experience of our account managers.

It can save you money in the long run.

If you hire out an empty space, you have to seek equipment from different suppliers. That organisation costs time and money. Therefore, the packages we offer are excellent value, even if they might initially appear more expensive. Working in this way saves the booker a lot of hassle.

If we don’t have something on site, we’ll use our network of contacts to source it.

We are part of the Westminster collection of 37 venues, and the London City collection of 25 venues. Having an extensive network means that if there’s something a customer needs, like a particular chair, for example, we can ask our contacts to help us out. We will always return the favour, too.

We continually invest in our venue collection.

Updating the venues regularly keeps them appearing fresh and current. It also shows customers that we really believe in our products.

We can make your event carbon neutral.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously, and believe we offer the greenest venues in London. Furthermore, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have won several sustainability awards.

We cater for extraordinary events.

We have hosted events including the national Scrabble championships, UFO briefings and a Crystal Maze team-building event, as well as award ceremonies, AGMs, seminars, fundraisers and dinners. With 80% of customers requesting repeat service, we must be doing something right.

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