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6 top insider tips for securing VIP travel treatment

21 September 2017 by Rebecca Collins

Are you making the most of the benefits that come with your company travel policy, asks Rebecca Collins.

Want to secure better travel experiences and bag yourself the best possible treatment along the way? Follow these six golden rules from our Premium Services team.

1. Check out the benefits in your company travel policy

Look into any added extras available within your company policy. For example, our premium service means a named contact stores your preferences, and can help with details to make business travel more comfortable.

2. Collect your frequent flyer points

More points mean an airline sees you as a high-status passenger, and you are more likely to be offered upgrades and avoid being bumped off overbooked flights.

Some companies are signed up to corporate loyalty schemes with airlines, so check if you can earn points that can be used for future travel.

For more tips on smarter air booking, see our expert guide.

3. Give us your details for more personalised travel treatment

Our system allows us to keep notes on file, so we can remember if you get travel sick and need to be seated near a bathroom, for example. We can also store your passport and address details, to make the booking process more fuss-free and efficient.

4. If you can’t reserve a seat in advance, check in early

It means the flight is expected to be very busy, so allow extra time at the airport. This is usually the case for once-a-day routes. And if you are travelling with colleagues, see our expert tips for group travel bookings.

5. Ask for the seat you want

Think about the configuration of a carriage or cabin. It’s not just about legroom or row number – different operators position seats differently. For example, Virgin Atlantic faces some business travel customers towards others. It never hurts to request your favourite seating.

6. Pets, champagne, lost tickets… just ask

The premium services team at Capita Travel and Events has systems in place to help with everything, from organising travel for the pets of business travellers to planning surprises for travelling companions. We have even delivered lost rail tickets to the platform mid-journey.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get – so be sure to find out what your travel management company can do for you.

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