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How to work more efficiently from a hotel room

17 May 2016 by Nicole Sheekey-Jones

Our hotel expert Nicole Sheekey-Jones shares her top tips for productivity when staying away.

When you book your hotel, look into the Wi-Fi

Is Wi-Fi available/free? When you check in, make sure you get all of the access details, and check any limitations – for example, is it only free in the hotel lobby? This will save you time, money and frustration when you start working.

Use the space you have

It might be tempting to kick back on your bed and get to work on your laptop, but this isn’t a good idea. Studies show it blurs the boundaries between work and rest, and makes sleeping harder. If your hotel room has a desk, make the most of it and sit down to work.

Follow your normal routine

You may be in an unfamiliar place, but a solid routine can help provide the mental and physical cues you need to get working. Devise a schedule and be sure to stick to it, particularly if you’re jet lagged or feeling unfocused at certain times of day.

Take breaks and give yourself rewards

Working away from home isn’t the easiest thing to do, so be realistic in your expectations. Don’t give yourself a hard time if you struggle – and don’t work so hard that you don’t see any of the outside world!

Hit the hotel business lounge

If you find working in your room too tough, see if the hotel you’re staying in has a business or executive lounge. Many hotels will have dedicated workspaces for corporate travellers, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi, refreshments and nibbles.

Ask about noise in advance

It’s worth checking how soundproof your room is. Are you near a main road or train track? Is it likely there’ll be distractions? Ask when your room is being allocated at check-in. And if natural daylight is important to you, check this out too.

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