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Interpersonal skills are the key to successful events in 2017

29 March 2017

It’s time to get personal. Flexible working hours and freelance roles mean events should encourage interpersonal skills.

Organising events for your team? It’s time to get more sociable. According to recent research from QHotels, one of the big industry trends this year will be for events that encourage interpersonal skills and satisfy emotional needs.

QHotels enlisted futurist Dr Ian Pearson to predict the conference and events trends we should look out for. He suggested that offering workshops that encourage interaction and the development of communication skills will become more important. Why?

It’s all to do with the new culture of employment, which sees many of our team members working from home – or on the move. Flexible arrangements such as remote access, as well as increased use of technology to share information, means promoting a sense of togetherness and company identity needs to take centre stage.

Making sociable events work for you

One way to tap into the trend is to blend corporate life with leisure opportunities. Think of fun venues such as venues for sports lovers or historical places; take walking meetings or even consider international destinations for some conferences. This reflects the modern awareness of work/life balance and is bound to make people relax.

Another way to boost interpersonal skills is to add team-building activities to your next meeting or event. The latest team-building events are immersive and adventurous. However, all should encourage speaking to your peers, focusing on problem-solving and negotiation – valuable practice for the working world.

How can you support events that promote interpersonal skills?

If you’re going to push the boat out, Pearson’s other advice is to make meetings and events larger and less frequent. This makes it easier to bring more people together and create a good atmosphere.

Furthermore, investing in time-saving technologies or automated tools for travel, meetings and events ­can free up time for your team to attend events. And of course, this is where the experience and efficiency of a travel management company can help, too.

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