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How to reduce your company’s rail travel costs

20 October 2016 by Mark Stevens

Our expert Mark Stevens reveals his golden rules for getting cheaper train fares every time you travel.

Book as soon as possible to reduce your rail costs

Buy your train ticket as soon as you know the dates you need to travel. Advance tickets are sold in limited numbers, so booking early, where possible, gives you the best chance of getting a low-price fare.

Don’t schedule events during peak times

If you’re organising a meeting, avoid starting at a time that means people will have to travel at peak fare times. If you’re going to a meeting or training session yourself, ask the coordinators if there’s a way to avoid travelling when fares are highest.

Consider different train companies

Search around to see if different operators are offering cheaper tickets for the same journey: prices can vary between franchises.

Think twice before buying a Travelcard

Don’t automatically buy a Travelcard for the London Underground when you purchase your rail ticket. If you travel to London for business, it’s cheaper to use an Oyster (or contactless credit or debit) card on the Tube. It charges for single journeys and then caps the fare at the day rate. The final cost varies depending on which zones you travel in. For more on this, see our expert advice on public transport in London.

Save money if your journey is cancelled

If you’ve used our rail-booking tool to buy tickets, you can exchange an advance ticket via Online Rail Exchanges if you no longer need to use it. In the past you would have lost the full price of the ticket. If you rebook another advanced ticket at the same price before you travel, you won’t lose the cost of your fare.

Plan your journey with our iris:go app

Find out train times using our app, which is linked to the National Rail database. While you can’t book through iris:go, you can use it to plan ahead and identify possible savings. So if your meeting finishes early and you want to know if you can use your ticket on a different train, use the app to find out.

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