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7 ways to save money when you’re travelling overseas

29 June 2016 by Katie Blount

Worried you’re paying over the odds when travelling abroad? Our expert Katie Blount has the answers.

1. Plan ahead wherever possible

How will you pay for things? What access will you have to cash while you’re away? Talk to any colleagues who have local knowledge of the country you’re travelling to, to make sure you’re prepared before your trip. And don’t forget to switch off data-roaming on your mobile if you want to keep costs down.

2. Before you set off, find out what your company is paying for

Take written confirmation of this, so you’re not asked to pay for things a second time.

3. Consider what the locals do to maximise bang for buck

For example, if you’re going to be travelling by public transport, is there an equivalent of London’s Oyster card that will save you money?

4. Use the local currency

Don’t head out with a wallet full of sterling and assume you can change it in your destination. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the currency in question so you have a rough idea of what’s a good price; failing to understand the exchange rate means you could easily be ripped off.

5. Shop around to get the best exchange rate for your money

And do negotiate, as you may well find vendors will match or beat rivals’ rates. Whatever you do, avoid changing your money at the airport at all costs: rates are notoriously bad.

6. Using ATMs when you’re abroad tends to get you a good deal

However, do use a known bank, and only withdraw what you need. Advise your bank that you’re going abroad, otherwise they may block your card. And double-check that your card will work in the country you’re going to.

7. Even if you wouldn’t normally use one, always carry a credit card

They give you security and ensure purchases are covered from an insurance perspective.

Last but not least, savvy travellers know they can’t exchange coins when back home. Get rid of your loose change as the end of your trip approaches – even if it’s just by purchasing a few extra souvenirs.

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