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How to pack the perfect travel bag

8 October 2018

If anyone is going to know how best to pack a suitcase, it’s Richard Krulik, CEO of luggage company Briggs & Riley. He shares his advice.

As my wife reminds me, I am far from perfect. That said, I do know a lot about packing a suitcase. There are so many tips I could give you, but you can’t go wrong with the following advice:

First off, always pack less than you think you need. Most people tend to think they have to bring everything for every possibility. But I promise you that you will manage, and if you find yourself in a pinch you can always buy some-thing or do some laundry. Also, do your homework about where you’re travel-ling to – and check the weather. If in doubt, leave it out.

For routine trips, I pack the night before. However, for longer trips that may take in multiple countries, I start thinking about what I need and gathering items about a week or so before departure.

I always travel with an expandable case that hasn’t been expanded when I leave for my trip, so that I have the extra space for whatever I buy while I’m away.

Trousers or jeans should always go in first, with the legs hung out of the bag. Next, pack all the folded clothes and fold the trouser legs over them, hence avoiding a hard crease in the trousers. I always fold, rather than roll.

Pack socks inside shoes and put them on top along with toiletries. Shoes can take up a lot of room so I’d recommend bringing just a few pairs that can serve many purposes. Wear the bulkiest ones on the plane.

For all business travellers the essentials are a light sweater, a smart jack-et, swimwear, workout/yoga wear and some nice jeans. And of course smart phone and charger.

Always check your hotel amenities – many hotels have a pool so don’t forget your swimwear. A thin sweater or cardigan and a waterproof jacket are good too, just in case the nights get cool or it rains.

The last item to go in, if you are taking a check-in bag, should be a photo-copy of the photo page of your passport. It serves as ID if the bag is lost and someone opens it, and can make it much easier and speedier to get a re-placement passport from an embassy if you lose the original. Have a great trip.

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