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The business travel disruptor coming from within

26 October 2018 by Trevor Elswood

Trevor Elswood shares his views on the future of business travel following the 2018 Business Travel Summit.

I was delighted to attend the Business Travel Summit 2018 to join a panel of experts discussing the future of travel management. The message that I took away from corporate buyers who attended is that there’s a new disruptor in town.

Traditional disruption

Traditionally, disruption in the business travel industry has been led by user experience focus of the leisure market. They’ve set the expectations of what users expect from experiences and personalisation, and that has fuelled innovation and investment within the business travel sector.

So the new disruption

Meetings is the driver of travel demand and spend that was commonly acknowledged by those that grabbed me after my panel session - internal meetings, those between colleagues, generate between 40% and 70% of an organisation’s travel spend alone. So by putting meetings at the heart of travel management and planning, you unlock that next frontier in effectively managing travel – demand, safety and well-being – through reducing/eliminating unnecessary travel.

That was the opportunity Capita Travel and Events saw - filling a key market gap, with expertise and innovation that can only come from specialists within the business meetings and travel sector.

Why do things need to change?

Experienced travel buyers will agree that there are real challenges in trying to reduce travel costs in mature programmes. Negotiated supplier deals are close to plateauing, and policies can end up being tightened to the degree that traveller experiences and wellbeing are compromised, which can also have a negative impact on organisations (productivity, recruitment, morale and retention).

We believe that the new wave of innovation comes from managing customers’ meetings by tackling unconscious meetings planning decisions. And to support our new and disruptive approach, we’ve built a powerful toolkit to help educate, inform, guide and challenge meeting hosts to do things differently. We’re using our expertise, significant market scale in this area, specialist technologies, and behavioural science to influence change and disrupt the industry from within.

Read more from me about putting meetings at the heart of travel and effectively managing meetings to get a better handle and real management of your travel spend. 


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