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Why safety is still top priority for business travel

6 June 2017

From security to medical issues, the safety of travellers is under more scrutiny than ever before.

A new survey has shown that safety remains the biggest concern for the modern business traveller. The poll of 500 managers at companies where employees travel for business found that 59% felt concerned about security and terrorism when their team members are abroad.

The survey findings

The survey was commissioned by ABTA and carried out by Censuswide. It also showed that many of us (50%) worry about organising the correct travel documents, as well as health and medical care (39%). Furthermore, almost a quarter (23%) are concerned about harassment and violence against staff.

As ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer has said: “Businesses must consider a whole range of issues to minimise risk when sending employees abroad. While safety is, understandably, a major concern that must be addressed, the reality is that business travellers are more likely to be affected by weather-related incidents or having the right entry documentation.”

He adds: “We will be discussing these issues and providing advice on how to better evaluate risk and implement plans that answer the needs of organisations and their travelling staff.”

The sensitivity of travel managers to risk is understandable, given that recent research by International SOS, shared in our safety infographic, showed that nearly one in three trips abroad are to countries with a higher medical or security risk than the traveller’s home country. In addition, 71% of senior executive travellers have experienced a medical problem abroad.

Ensure the safety of you and your team

In response to perceived risks, the British Standards Institution recently published recommendations for ensuring safe and secure travel. It includes using hotels approved by your travel policy and pre-planning emergency arrangements.

What else can you do to mitigate the risks that you and your colleagues face?

The Global Business Travel Association estimated in 2016 that 72% of travel buyers report that their organisation has a risk management plan in place. It is always worth discussing your requirements with an expert.

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