Capita Travel and Events grow unique venues

3 September 2019

Capita Travel and Events is providing a more varied offering to its travel and meeting arrangers and bookers as it secures an increasing amount of unique hotels and venues in the Collection Partnership.

Capita launched the Collection, the name given to hotels typically independently-owned or as part of a small chain, to provide quality venues and an enhanced choice compared to main stream chains which we believe is unmatched by any other travel management company.

“We were one of the first travel management companies to offer this level of variety and, since we started the Collection proposition several years ago, we have grown the partnership to include over 300 hotels, venues and apartments in around 200 towns and cities across the UK,” explained Jake Lawley, Head of Collection proposition.

“This access to independent hotels and venues gives our customers a very different and real choice for travellers to take an occasional break from the typical mainstream international branded properties. Through our contracting expertise we ensure our support of customers governances: duty of care, safety, security and quality guarantees are met and as a general rule of thumb the Collection portfolio represents great value and so we support that in our customer preferencing in fact our Collection Partners enjoy 17% higher share compared to non-group affiliate peers, a good indication of the support we give to independent brands and the confidence our travellers have in the Collection.

“The proposition is a win-win all round as our partnership offers a cost-effective platform for exposure to compete with some of the bigger hotel chains, and provides our customers with the choice, quality and a different traveller experience that they are looking for. We are selective and have some real gems that stand out in our portfolio, yet we are always on the lookout for new partners to join.”

There are great benefits to be had. Our data shows that new joiners to the Collection partnership see an average increase of 99% in monthly room night volume, an increase of 101% in monthly spend levels and a 69% increase in the amount of customers using their properties.

Venues can join different membership levels and work in close partnership with Capita as they continually identify development opportunities and provide feedback. One of these initiatives was the Partnership Engagement Day, the two-day event held at Manchester United in June. Capita welcomed numerous partners from the Collection for seminars on wellbeing, technology, and data analytics, as well as workshops to share best practice and tips.

“Since joining Capita’s Collection, I’ve seen an increase in market share, revenue and room nights. It’s been a really positive partnership and I’m looking forward to continuing our close working relationship.”

Barbara Thomas, Danubius Regent Park

“As a new partner to the Collection I have received a wonderful welcome and amazing support by the team. There are lots of partnerships available in the market, but since joining the Collection partnership I’ve received more face to face contact, site visits by the team, office visits and proactive prompts to work together than any other partnership we are currently involved in. This amazing level of support instantly drove us to sign up to the partnership for the rest of our venues. The Capita team have proved to be a positive and pro-active extension of my sales team, and the Collection event alone provided relevant and inspirational content that has driven through new ideas of developing our business further - priceless contributions to our business and  further evidence of a true partnership purely focused on creating the very highest levels of event experience for Capita customers.”

Tony Shotton, Fabulous Fan Fayre

There are still have gaps for unique, one-of-a-kind venues and those that have a large space available for conferences. If you are interested in learning more about our Collection Partners or would like to join the partnership, please contact Jake Lawley on 07599 548338 or