Whitepaper: New Dog, Old Tricks

3 February 2015

Millennials will make up over half of the working population by 2020, but how do they affect travel management, and they shaping it, as commentators suggest?

Travel managers have been wrestling with the challenge of how to change the behaviour of travellers and bookers for years. From improving policy and booking channel compliance, to reducing costs and improving welfare; the corporate cultures may differ but the challenges don’t!

The Millennial is just the latest incarnation, bringing new attitudes and tastes to challenge the authority of the company travel policy makers.

In this paper we will look at whether behavioural change is linked to generational change, whether corporates can change traveller behaviour and how mavericks should be managed – millennial or otherwise.

Whitepaper: New Dog, Old Tricks

We've teamed up with Amadeus to produce this report, which looks at whether behavioural change is linked to generational change, whether corporates can change traveller behaviour, and how mavericks should be managed – millennial or otherwise.


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