We work with the best in the business

We pride ourselves on our partner relations, believing that they fuel our industry position and underpin us as a specialist business.

Our supplier network

We've built an extensive network of relationships to give customers access to the best travel, meeting and event services around.

We believe independent hotels and venues often go the extra mile for our customers. That’s why we've created a programme that offers independent partners a platform to show how good they are - The Collection.

We build partnerships in all shapes and sizes to help you achieve your own goals - each with a varied level of engagement to offer what works for you.

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Working side by side

Offering the safest transport, accommodation and venues is vital to supporting organisations' duty of care and taking care of employee health and wellbeing, particularly when navigating the challenges presented by Covid-19.

We work with a great network of industry suppliers to enhance your business travel experience every step of the way. 

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We build our partnerships with knowledge and awareness through engagement with our people, that includes office visits and fam trips. 

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Planning our journey together, making coarse corrections or devising the best way to promote your message, we're here to support. 

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We offer a platform and an opportunity to tell your story so our people and customers can make informed decisions.

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The numbers

The numbers make sure we measure results so we can celebrate success or make adjustments to bring out the best in a partnership.



For 30 years, Amadeus solutions have kept the travel sector moving – from search to booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing operations to managing customer experiences. Today, they help customers all over the world improve the travel experience for billions of people a year. 

The Collection

We're proud of our partner relationships. They fuel our industry position, underpin us as a specialist business - and a huge part of that are the small groups and independent accommodation and meeting providers that we work with.

We find that they will go above and beyond for our customers so we aim to offer a partnership that elevates them and gives them a platform so what makes them the right choice.

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Industry expertise

Our scale provides over half a billion pounds of leverage but we want to make sure there's the right partner offering so it's spent wisely - that's where you come in.

We're always looking to extend our partner network to add further value to our customers. So get in touch to hear about our partner packages and agreements.