Business Travel People Awards 2020: Christie Heath – Reservations Consultant of the Year

Christie has worked tirelessly this year and many before on the customers serviced by her team in Derby, ensuring they are at the heart of everything she does. As an extremely proactive willing member of our reservations team and takes responsibility of all elements of her role and the overall process of booking and finding solutions, which is reflected by the customers’ results and personal feedback.

Throughout the challenges of this year and in more ‘normal’ times, Christie has taken on several different tasks and challenges to enhance her career, test herself and develop her skills. She is constantly evaluating her role and is actively looking at activities and experiences that will enhance her as a Lead Consultant. When Christie has completed a task that is new to her, she is excellent at asking for feedback on her own accord and ensures she takes the comments on board, so she can continuously improve.

What makes Christie stand out is that she doesn’t miss anything and puts herself forward for every challenge. For example, using initiative and displaying her intrigue for the wider picture to attend the quarterly business reviews by approaching our Account Managers directly, feeling it would benefit the customers by offering valuable insights from the perspective of a consultant that an Account Manager may not be able to offer.

Putting the customer first

Christie always puts the customer first and looks for ways to help. She has and continues to identify service issues for our customers and takes the initiative to set up weekly calls to find the best solutions for their specific challenges. These calls have evolved throughout their lifespan to the point where less contact and observance of issues is needed thanks to the work done to overcome challenges.

As a shining example of our Lead Consultant roles, Christie has built valuable relationships with her customers, displaying expert knowledge of their requirements. This innovative role is unique to us and set up as a new initiative for customers to be the main point of contact from an Operational point of view. Christie throws herself into the role by updating quality audits and communicating customers’ likely destinations and areas of operation. She also helps to facilitate a seamless onboarding process by managing customer re-implementation, including management of: quality audits, daily reviews of grade of service and incoming requests across all departments, and consistently communicating with key contacts to make them aware of anything external that would affect ‘BAU’.

Christie displays fantastic leadership and is a role model for other Lead Consultants to follow. Recognised internally for her networking and influence, she was also selected as a Change Leader for at Capita Travel and Events, attending monthly forums to deliver positive business change.

Her support to customers is evident when Christie held roadshows last year to introduce their new online booking tool; hosting Q&A sessions to ensure bookers’ questions were answered and customer feedback included: “being in a safe pair of hands with Capita” - a testament to her collaborative style.

Teamwork is at Christie’s core. She has taken it upon herself to hold coaching sessions so the team can learn from each other. As a new role, she held drop-in sessions for her fellow consultants to gain a better understanding of their role, supporting them tremendously.

Christie is a rare talent and we are proud to have her working with us. She goes above and beyond for the customer and sets the bar for her reservation colleagues to follow.

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