Business Travel People Awards 2020: Ryan Gray - Business Development Manager of the Year

Ryan has made a significant impact since joining the business in 2017. His ability to quickly get up-to-speed with the Capita Travel and Events way of working has been extremely impressive and not just in the sales environment. He has also had an impact across a number of divisions, endorsing his can-do attitude and often going above and beyond to help himself, his colleagues and the business as a whole.

Since arriving, the business has been able to pull on his years of industry expertise and, as a result, a number of his ideas and initiatives have not only been adopted, they are also well embedded into the business and continue to make a tangible difference to Capita Travel and Events.

Ryan has carefully navigated multiple sales channels and customer profiles from Travel: SME and mid-market to enterprise customers; comfortably understanding and offering solutions associated with the scale-based challenges that each customer encounters.

An area of considerable note is Ryan’s passion for bringing our low-cost service option for SMEs called Navigator’ to market. This proposition offers customers a low or no-transaction-fee option - and through Ryan’s driven and focussed approach, as well as his understanding of the market - has been instrumental in the elevation of this proposition, so that it became the industry’s first truly free-to-use booking service. Ryan has helped to shape a fantastic Navigator proposition that boasts zero transaction fees, aimed at the SME market and those that wanted a low touch, low maintenance offering – all backed by the size and leverage of a major TMC.

Since launching, Ryan has now created a more wide-ranging offering for customers who have a higher spend or who require some of the more robust ‘tools’ we offer. Once again, Ryan was able to re-imagine the product offering and create what we now know as ‘Navigator+’. This has created a suite of go-to-market products with zero booking fees…a truly innovative proposition which our customers love.

An experienced leader

Having previously held senior roles with both Centre Parcs and Thomas Cook, Ryan was able to bring this extensive knowledge and expertise with him to Capita Travel and Events, and has used his leadership skillset to help the Capita Travel and Events Leadership Team reshape the Sales and Marketing divisions. Ryan has also developed extensive cross-divisional collaboration across all divisions within Capita Travel and Events.

Ryan is passionate about customer service. Externally, 20+ years of sales and customer service experience has propelled Capita Travel and Events to the forefront of our potential customers’ minds. Showing a keen interest in getting ‘back-to-the-floor,’ Ryan has redefined the relationship rule book and the significant new business success, is testament to the work he’s being doing to solidify Capita Travel and Events reputation within the industry.

With a broad market view and an understanding of the importance of our tri-part relationships, Ryan has been keen to work with Capita Travel and Events-wide ecosystem of suppliers, his methodology being that ‘you are only as good as the supply chain’. By involving the suppliers at an early stage in the sales engagement process, ‘buy in’ from both the supplier and the customer is increased significantly.

His admirable hands-on approach and priority to ensure the best customer experience is evident with some client wins. Rather than winning new business and simply handing over to Implementation and Account Management, Ryan stays with the customer throughout implementation and beyond business-as-usual, to ensure a smooth transition and early trading period.

On Friday 18 September, 2:30pm, our business will watch with great interest at the results of this award – and you can too. Register for the awards for free by following this link.