Capita Travel and Events paves the way for apprentices

We have recently employed two apprentices, Ciara McCready 17 and Lily Given 17 who are both doing an apprenticeship in Level 2 Customer Service as Hotel Consultants.

We had a quick sit down with them to reflect on their time here with us.

We started by asking them why they chose to do an apprenticeship in the first place given that there is still a lot of stigma about them and even more pressure to stay within the education system. Both Ciara and Lily came back confident about their choice to do an apprenticeship.

“I wanted to go straight into a job. I didn’t feel that college was the next step for me as I never felt any excitement towards going.” – Lily Given

“I already new the that the classroom situation wasn’t for me. I like to learn independently and on- the-job, so to me it was an easy decision to go straight into work.” – Ciara McCready

With over 375,000 people starting an apprenticeship in 2018/2019, it’s clear to see that they’re becoming an increasingly popular choice among millennials. There seems to be quite a few things they both like about being apprentices, such as the financial independence, meeting lots of different people and learning about the travel industry.

“I feel like I’m learning more than I would in college and I’m getting experience of being in a full-time job.” – Lily Given

“I really like having the independence of having my own money and not having to depend on my parents. I feel like being on an apprenticeship gives you a head start and real-world experience.” – Ciara McCready

When asked why they chose the travel industry and Capita Travel and Events, both started smiling and said that the travel element was especially appealing, they also enjoy the familiarisation trips. Both Lily and Ciara have a huge list of everything they have learnt since starting their journey with us, including the ways in which they approach different customers, how to manage money, communication skills, geography skills and how to write a proper and effective email depending on the audience.

Both have had a lot of support and coaching from their managers, teams and colleagues which has made their learning journey much easier and has made them both aspire to continue working in the travel industry.

When asked what they would advise younger people contemplating an apprenticeship, they said:

“You learn more when you’re on the job, so if you have an idea of what you want to do as a career, an apprenticeship is a great route to go down. Definitely look at your options and research all the different opportunities out there for you to apply to.” – Lily Given

“College isn’t for everyone, if you want a more independent lifestyle an apprenticeship is definitely the best route to go down.”  - Ciara McCready

We advertise our apprenticeships all year long, please see our website for more details.