Data insights - and how to use them

Although many organisations don’t know precisely how much they spend on meetings, expense data is usually a good place to start. Third party venue sourcing and events logistics suppliers should also be able to supply data to help build up the picture, as will meeting planners themselves.

Given that travel has a huge impact on overall meeting costs, business travel data will assist fill in more of the gaps – especially around how people travel to meetings in your organisation.

How meetings and event data can be used in a Meetings Management programme

The following table shows the average day delegate rates (DDR) in cities across the UK rail network, highlighting the impact of travel on meetings costs.

Whereas the following table shows the comparative rates for locations within easy reach of the same locations, but at significantly cheaper average Day Delegate Rates. This also shows the costs that can potentially be avoided by making internal meeting facilities the first choice, only going external if the required space is unavailable or unsuitable.