How to win a Smarter Working Wellbeing Award

We have launched the very first business travel awards that recognise the great work suppliers are doing to improve traveller and delegate wellbeing. But, what does it take to win an award? It may not be as hard as you think. We explain some tips on guaranteeing an award-winning entry…

What matters is your improvement…

This is not about who has spent the most or has the biggest budget. This competition is open for organisation of any size with any budget to submit their initiatives and improvements in travellers’ wellbeing. We are focusing on the improvements made and results seen. Remember, no effort is too small to make a difference!

Prepare your award-winning story

You can only enter two initiatives per category. So, gather all your stakeholders together and discuss which initiative(s) to pick that scores highly on the category you wish to enter. It may not be the one that jumped to mind first, but it will may just be the one most likely to crown you the winner!

Answer every question and stick to the word limit

Carefully read every question to have a better understanding of how you should respond before you start writing your answers. Awards applications often require word limit for each response. It’s important not to go over this limit because the online application will usually not allow you to write any more then they have allocated. It is best to focus on quality – what has happened and results – rather than quantity.

Make sure you answer all the questions on the award application as an incomplete form may not be accepted by the award judges.

Allocate your time efficiently

Time is essential to the success of your award submission. Give yourself a couple of weeks prior to the submission deadline (31 December), so you are not rushed when drafting your responses. By giving yourself enough time to complete your submissions, you are able to answer the questions to the best of your availability.

So, there you have it - some simple tips that may help you with your entry. Remember, these awards are unique and to demonstrate you have an award-winning wellbeing initiative – however big or small – is fantastic recognition that is hard to come by.

You really have to be in it to win it – so what have you got to lose? Make sure you enter now