Meet Jonti Dalal-Small, Business Travel People Awards 2020 Finalist for Best Newcomer

With a background in behavioural psychology, our Head of Behavioural Science, Jonti Dalal-Small joined us in July 2018 to strengthen our Smarter working proposition and enable us to offer something no other TMC does. We want to tell you a little about the work that Jonti has undertaken over the past 2 years that makes him stand out in our industry.

Head of Behavioural Science was a new role for us, and one of the first for the business travel industry. With his psychology background, he has approached the challenges the industry is facing in a different way and has helped influence the overall wellbeing agenda.

Jonti is extremely knowledgeable in behaviour and how we can influence change. He has significantly contributed to how we engage with our own people, customers and partners. His style is engaging, inquisitive, thought-provoking and pragmatic, which has been pivotal to him successfully leading behavioural changes and smarter ways of working. This has helped establish the necessary metrics and programmes, to identify and deliver our customers and suppliers’ business objectives sustainably.

This unique approach has contributed significantly to our own success, helping us grow and retain customers, and supports our vision of: ‘building smarter business connections everyday’.

Taking advantage of our unique intermediary role as a TMC to enhance the overall traveller experience, he initiated the Smarter Working Wellbeing Awards. These are the industry’s first awards to recognise supplier excellence in traveller wellbeing.

Going beyond his role, he has influenced our senior teams to evolve our company culture, with the ‘un-conference’ company conference, the ‘team of teams’ leadership concept and training Account Managers on how ‘we are all psychologists’ as a way to work with customers.

His efforts on Smarter working as an approach to duty of care has led to us being nominated for Most Innovative Travel Risk Product Solution at the Travel Risk Awards. And the environmental significance of his work with Smarter working led to his success at the 2020 ITM Achievement Awards by winning the Responsible Impact Award.

The work he has undertaken in a short space of time has made a huge difference to our engagement with customers and suppliers, so we become their partner of choice - helping them to work smarter and more sustainably when it comes to their meetings and business travel arrangements

Please join us in wishing Jonti congratulations for being shortlisted and good luck for the final!

On Friday 18 September, 2:30pm, our business will watch with great interest at the results of this award – and you can too. Register for the awards for free by following this link.