Meet Lisa Hyman - Business Travel People Awards 2020 Finalist for Account Manager of the Year

We’re thrilled that our very own Lisa Hyman has been shortlisted for this year’s Account Manager of the Year at the Business Travel People Awards 2020 - but we wanted to let you know a little about Lisa and why she’s been recognised in our industry.

Having been with us for 15 years, starting as an Account Management specialist in hotels and today being an Account Manager within our strategic team, Lisa is an experienced part of our team. But there’s much more to Lisa than her experience, including several personal qualities that make her shine in our industry.

Reading a problem or situation can often be an untaught skill and we find time and time again that Lisa often knows what a customer needs before they know themselves; on topics from mental health and employee duty of care through to cost savings projects, which offers incredible fluidity to her relationships.

She embraces innovation when she needs to and when it is right for the customer, not just for the sake of it. In a world of rapidly moving technology, customers are bombarded with a myriad of solutions and propositions - yet Lisa has the ability to stay ahead-of-the-game with her constantly evolving initiatives that takes the confusion out of the journey.

With empathy and a brilliant intuition, Lisa embraces the whole customer picture, picking up customer cultural nuances, understanding what her stakeholders need, whilst delivering commercial value consistently.

As a wonderfully direct, honest, reliable and trustworthy Account Manager that is often recognised as an extension of the customer’s team, Lisa connects with her customers like she works with them, not for them. Over many consistent years of successful results, her hard work often goes under the radar as standard practice, but customers and colleagues recognise that this level of service is exceptional.

Where most TMCs align the customer to them, Lisa understands the culture of every customer and where they are going, making her stand out in our industry. She has steered her customers through times of uncertainty, and the trust they have in Lisa is shown in their loyalty to our business – evident from 31 years of combined retentions.

We say without hesitation that Lisa is a team player. Recognising any team members that are struggling by reaching-out quietly to support and be on-hand. She has brilliant internal relationships; no-one is treated differently, and this feeds the respect that her peers have for her. As a colleague, she is quick to praise, yet adept at upholding the highest of standards among colleagues to ensure that customers get what they need. Because of her successful team-working, experience and leadership, she is the ‘team mentor’ for strategy and customer retention.

“Lisa sets the standard across our customer-facing teams in how to engage with customers at all levels and departments. She ensures she understands their needs, so they participate and get specific value from the travel programme. She achieves productive partnerships with customers and connects businesses together. She’s highly rated and appreciated by her colleagues,” – Steve Banks, Chief Commercial Officer for Capita Travel and Events.

On Friday 18 September, 2:30pm, our business will watch with great interest at the results of this award – and you can too. Register for the awards for free by following this link.