New community for business travellers

Our Traveller Wellbeing expert launches new community for business travellers.

In response to the increasing challenges faced across the industry, our very own Head of Traveller Wellbeing, Matthew Holman, has founded the Business Travel Wellbeing Community (BTWC) alongside other wellbeing specialists in the industry: Dr Lucy Rattrie, Katie Virtue and John Lee.

The new membership body has been formed to create action and advocacy with a proactive approach.

“We are excited to launch the Business Travel Wellbeing Community and would like you to join in our mission to provide the industry with awareness, education and guidance in achieving traveller wellbeing," says Matthew. The objectives are all centered on helping the traveller by: - Bringing together all individuals who actively raise the travel wellbeing conversation; - Improving awareness of issues now and in the future; - Educating travellers and organisations; - Enabling ambassadors; - Guiding organisations to provide the right support at the right time, creating a culture, focus and commitment that benefits travelling employees.

Members are encouraged to participate, network, increase collaboration and be part of a louder voice on the wellbeing agenda.

Those involved in business travel can register their interest in advance of membership opening: