Discover the right blend

How we choose to connect may seem more complicated than it used to but it’s time to simplify that process with a blended approach.


Finding creative and practical solutions to engaging with one another has never been so critically important but whether you’re meeting face to face, virtually or a combination of the two, we’re here to help you build safe and smart business connections.


While virtual solutions are able to bridge the gaps in how we connect in a Covid-19 world; often, face to face, human interactions are needed to build relationships and communicate messages in the optimal way.

To support safe and smart face to face interactions, we provide a comprehensive combination of services and technology solutions that support traveller safety and wellbeing at the point of booking and throughout a trip and meeting - all backed up by Covid-safe travel, accommodation and venue suppliers. 

If you need to start moving, get in touch to hear how we can make your trip as safe as possible. 


Covid-safe accommodation and venues

All accommodation and venue providers in the UK must have complete a government led risk assessment and put mitigating controls in place.


To keep guests safe and support organisations' duty of care in a Covid-19 world, our online booking tools identify the hotels and venues that have confirmed the required steps have been taken to keep guests safe. By adding these features, we ensure travellers are confident that their chosen supplier offers the greatest standards of cleanliness and safety.


Support does not end at the end of the booking process. With the creation of our online resource hub, we offer a central source of information and guidance, including links to our partners’ Covid-19 policy pages to assist travellers and delegates throughout their trip.


Click below to visit our ‘hub’.


While navigating the challenges of Covid-19, some interactions can’t be conducted face to face, particularly large-scale events – and that’s where virtual really shows its value.


By offering the ability to connect and engage with larger audiences in a Covid-safe way, our virtual solutions offer a live streaming or webcasting platform that offers a strong alternative for communicating key messages, especially at a time when providing updates to your employees is likely to be high on your agenda. With our Virtual Events Hub, we power your virtual event with an interactive solution and engagement platform that ensures your attendees get the most from your event.

One more thing! Going virtual also means you can still bring a festive Christmas party to your teams. Start the virtual Christmas party planning by clicking below.


Accredited Safer Event Organisers

As accredited Safer Event Organiser, we have undertaken expert–led training for event organisers, so that we can safely plan in-person UK events.


This certification is provided by Hire Space and teaches a number of essential planning and delivery measures, including; the underlying science behind infections risks, guidelines within the UK and internationally, essential measures for safer events, the areas of responsibilities that event organisers should take on and more.

We are able to ensure we are following the most up-to-date health and safety guidelines being advised by government, with constant updates on process and procedures being provided as circumstances and guidance changes.


Face to face might not always be the best way to connect but we've got your covered. With our hybrid solutions, we can help you make safe and smart business connections.

Hybrid events combine a live production area with a virtual event element to communicate your key messages in an effective and engaging way. What's exciting about our hybrid event solution is that it provides you with a “presentation zone”, a lot like the stage set of a live event, while your audience attends virtually.


We’ll also make sure the whole onsite team from your Event Manager to the event’s presenters, work in line with government guidelines, taking all necessary precautions, with safety in mind.


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