Changing the mindset

How we help travellers, bookers and organisations think and choose better.


It makes total sense; your people are more productive when they’re happy and healthy, so we keep them that way while they travel and meet.

Unnoticed impact of travel

We all feel it when travel is taking its toll - see the real impact that travel and meeting have on you and your people.

Behavioural science

With the power of data insights, we understand what makes travellers think, choose and feel better.

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Travel is more than getting employees from A to B

Travelling smarter is more than simply moving around the country; it uses valuable resources like your employee's time and energy, as well as eating into budgets.


Smarter working keeps your people healthy and safe – all by challenging the need to travel with some smart behavioural data insights. Read how we help travellers and bookers think and choose better in our white paper.

"The power of behavioural science is using insights into how people think, feel and behave to create better outcomes.”

Jonti Dalal-Small

Head of behavioural science


Frequent business travel can have major physical and mental impacts on employees.


By working smarter, we help organisations challenge the need to travel when it matters most. Through smart communications, we encourage travellers to consider the impacts of their journey and choose alternatives such as virtual meetings or alternative locations.

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Better mental and physical health

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Improved productivity

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Increased efficiency

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Reduced absenteeism


have a take-away on their way home after travelling


suffer from a lack of sleep


have missed a social event


had an argument with their partner about their hours

Unnoticed impact of travel

Our approach to Smarter working has led us to fundamentally review a shift in our DNA, looking at our people, process and technology offering.


In our report "The unnoticed impact of business travel", we share our insight into how businesses can think smartly to ensure that travelling for business is effective for everyone involved, and how considering the wider smarter working picture is vital.

Behavioural science

Using insights into how people think, feel and behave is a powerful way to question how things have always been done. In applying psychology to meeting and events, the power of context should not be underestimated.


Ultimately, we want to create an environment that encourages a discovery mindset, so people get the best out of their experience.

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Boost wellbeing within travel programmes

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Create better outcomes

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Behavioural insights

There's a better way

We help organisations change their approach to the way they travel and meet, and provide measurable outcomes. This is what we call Smarter working.


For more information on how Smarter working can help support your organisation and people, speak to a member of our team.

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