Sustainable travel solution

We support our customers in their sustainability objectives while making the planet greener and cleaner through our partnership with sustainability technology provider, Trees4Travel.

Our carbon offset solution is a comprehensive, affordable and tangible way to offset each trip with one of the most powerful of all climate change solutions, planting trees. Our solution supports our customers in reducing their carbon footprint by helping them to align their travel policy and procedures with their company CSR goals through efficient and reliable Co2 offsetting.


How it works

Through clever monthly reporting, we calculate the Co2 emissions from each trip you make while travelling for business.

Trips are calculated using IPCC, DEFRA and GHG standards and protocols and carbon emissions are tracked via our partner through the Trees4Travel corporate dashboard.


Here's how it works....

Travellers book their trips through Capita Travel and Events and we share the trip data with Trees4Travel each month.


Trips are calculated using international standards: IPCC, DEFRA and GHG protocols, your company approves carbon offset invoice amounts.


Once payment has been received, our partner plants trees on behalf of your company. Tree locations are shared and supported with photos, video footage and satellite imaging. With over 100 certified and vetted forests globally.


Track your carbon emissions through the Trees4Travel portal corporate dashboard. Monthly Co2 reports on your emissions versus absorption, carbon auditing and forecasting technology.


Why trees?

Trees have been proven to be an effective way to offset carbon emissions and planting them forms the basis of our solution - enabling organisations to offset 100% of the carbon emitted during each trip.


Each tree planted offsets 164.1Kg Co2 within the first 10 years. The trees then go on offsetting for another 140+ years. Our partner, Trees4Travel only works with accredited and vetted planting partners around the world to ensure all their forest reforestation projects are impactful and successful. Planting only indigenous trees with the highest environmental impact, whilst supporting the UN’s trillion tree campaign and the welfare of local planting communities.


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