Smarter Working

Transforming traditional travel and meetings into Smarter Working practices

Enabling intelligent travel and meeting arrangements through the application of insights gained from data, prompting employees and travel bookers towards more efficient travel and meeting habits.

By collecting data from travel, expenses, finance and other internal and external sources, we establish the wider impact of travel and meetings on your people and business performance.

This 360-degree view puts you in control of challenging existing practises and influencing change. Our Smarter Working Programme has three core principles:

1. Avoid unnecessary travel.

2. If you do need to travel, plan in a manner that generates value.

3. If you do travel – do so safely and in a wellbeing focused manner.

1. Travel less

Avoiding unnecessary travel helps minimise costs and maximise employee welfare and business performance. Our Smarter Working Programme gives you the tools to identify trends, and the channels to challenge the need to travel.

Reasons for travel can change. We work with you to implement dynamic travel, meetings and event policies, reflecting the evolving needs of your business and people.

2. Travel smart

Cut the unnecessary travel expenses that don't directly contribute to your bottom line.

When face-to-face meeting is essential, we make sure relevant, timely and appropriate messages influence smarter decision making; from optimising use of your organisation’s own meeting space, to guiding meeting arrangers towards the best location, venue, timing and travel options.

3. Travel safe

Your most valuable assets are your people. By identifying traveller personas, we can help predict and reduce the risk of the type and frequency of travel that results in costly HR challenges such as absenteeism and attrition.

We ensure travellers are well informed before and during their trip, feel valued by suppliers, and can help locate and assist them during emergencies.

See it in practice...


Download: Smarter Working takeaway

For more information on how we can help you to tranform traditional travel and meetings into Smarter Working practices, download our Smarter Working programme takeaway.


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