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Transformational change and significant travel savings

Transformational change of Capita plc’s business travel programme led to significant savings, counteracting its historical 15% year-on-year travel spend increase.

With 75,000 people at over 500 sites, Capita plc’s travel spend has grown with the group. By 2013, an average annual 15% increase in spend led to a renewed appetite for transformation of its business travel programme

The group began with a concentration on hotels, the biggest annual spend area at over £20m per year.

The company’s hotel policy was historically traveller led, with employees having their pick of hotels. To increase its duty of care to travellers and save around £1m per year, Capita plc needed a mandated negotiated preferred hotel programme, improved buying behaviour, compliance to a firmer policy and reduced ‘leakage’ of bookings being made directly with hotels.

Outstanding results

Capita Travel and Events implemented a three-step solution which demonstrated some outstanding results.

The initial transformation project resulted in £4m savings in the first two years. This was based on impressive average room rate reductions of 15% in London and 20% elsewhere, and increasing online booking from 70% to 85%.


With a mature travel programme, savings through negotiations with air and rail suppliers are also being maximised for Capita plc.

Initiatives already having a £500k impact on savings are a mandate of a single airline on key routes, a standard class rail policy and the introduction of a season ticket approval process.

Over the coming years, there will be a significant focus on behavioural change initiatives that encourage smarter buying decisions to positively impact traveller welfare and spend.


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“To increase its duty of care, and save around £1m per year Capita plc needed a mandated negotiated preferred hotel programme and improved buying behaviour.”

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Download: Capita plc success story

To find out more on our three step solution and the process on how these savings were achieved, download the full success story.


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