Success stories

Maximising employee engagement and brand exposure

2,000 delegates, a company conference, Christmas clothing launch, fashion show and an entire shop floor exhibition for F&F.




Aiming to be Britain’s leading affordable retailer, it was crucial that F&F delivered a powerful end-to-end conference and Christmas product launch to its UK, Ireland and central Europe-based employees.

To create an engaging and inspiring conference and meet the event objectives, the following needed to happen:

  • Find a suitable venue to accommodate 2,000 delegates and a full-size replica retail store environment.
  • Build of the replica store and fashion show catwalk to showcase the new product line.
  • Integrate an award ceremony, clothing launch and fashion show.
  • Develop a bespoke event website with delegate registration and management function.
  • End-to-end management of event logistics, including set-up/break-down, on-site registration, catering and health and safety.

Project planning

  • Communication. Event messages had to be clearly and concisely communicated, allowing store managers to know and understand the latest products and services.
  • Education. Employees needed to fully understand their individual role in the brand’s follow-up processes after the launch.
  • Enthusiasm. Excitement was the name of the game - to inspire action that would promote the products to achieve sales targets.

Outstanding results

Through strong relationships and effective negotiations with suppliers, a 32% cost saving was achieved for F&F across the entire project, without compromising on quality.

“Our team isn’t used to organising events. We do one per year so we forget everything we’ve done by the time we come to do it again. The Capita event team guided us through the process, and their knowledge and expertise, coupled with a proactive approach, means that this event was seamless.”

Store Operations Manager, UK and Europe, F&F

Download: F&F success story

Find out how our strong relationships and effective negotiations with suppliers helped achieve a 32% cost saving for F&F across the entire project, without compromising on quality.


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