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A fresh approach to travel resource

An innovative approach to Home Retail Group’s travel programme filled its skills gap to achieve its goals and over £500k of savings and cost avoidance.

As part of a drive for continuous improvement in Home Retail Group’s travel programme, new opportunities were identified that could save around 10% of the retail group’s annual travel spend.

Despite a desire for change, Home Retail Group didn’t have the level of in-house expertise, or the people available, to support initiatives needed to achieve the savings.

A fresh approach

The role of an outsourced Travel Optimisation Manager was developed from within Capita’s own team of experts. This new, part-time role avoided the need for additional payroll investment on Home Retail Group’s part and provided 47,000 employees with an office based specialist they could trust.

The Travel Optimisation Manager was responsible for accelerating the Home Retail Group travel programme, supporting the customer and Capita Account Manager’s business plan through day-today relationship building.

The manager built relationships with regular travel bookers, travellers and other influencers of change including finance, procurement, communications and HR teams.

The Travel Optimisation Manager established a number of initiatives to improve internal interest and engagement in travel. Following a deep savings analysis, he created user groups of regular travel and meetings bookers and led face-to-face meetings with them to help build trust.

Outstanding results

Over £500k of savings included the avoidance of venue cancellation fees, achieved by using supplier relationships to either negotiate cancellation or fee reduction, or by reselling the cancelled space to other organisations.

Fee savings included in the total were based on more than a 30% increase in online booking levels. Additional savings were created as part of fare and loyalty scheme deals with airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.

Through subsequent reviews, a further £1.1m potential savings have been identified for the future.


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“Our Account Manager has an excellent understanding of our business and identified the benefits we could realise through extra resource to help us with the day-to-day detail.”

Contract Manager, Home Retail Group

Download: Home Retail Group success story

To understand more on the process of a Travel Optimisation Manager, download the full success story.


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