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Six prime locations - one key message

Communicating a company’s story, objectives and vision for the future by engaging its employees through a series of roadshows across the UK. 

Following a company restructure, an executive team wanted to run a series of roadshows to inspire employees and communicate its story, vision and objectives.

Sourcing the right venues

The customer’s business is primarily contact centre based. Due to the nature of that business, our main challenge was to organise a series of events close to each of its offices. This would ensure that employees were not away from their desks for any longer than necessary.

It was important to ensure that the venues selected for each event were within a five-minute walking distance from each office location. This would allow time for each employee to attend one of two sessions, with time for a lunch break for speakers a refresh of the room set up.

In addition to the venue find, full production and set design was required for each venue, and support was given to speakers to ensure content was engaging, interactive and memorable.

Project planning

Following a series of site inspections to each of the office locations suitable venues were proposed. These took into account the size of the audience, flexibility of numbers and room layout, location and logistics.

Delegate engagement

A collaborative programme was set up which allowed delegates to use mobile technology to post questions onto an interactive wall during the event. One session was dedicated to answering these questions. Any unanswered questions were followed up in the post-event content section of the event website.

Ensuring success

Working closely with the production team, our project team was able to pull together content that created the executive team’s vision.

Mobile technology was used to survey delegates on all aspects of their event feedback. 83.5% of delegates rated the event’s registration and logistics as above average or excellent.

Unforeseen challenges

Contingencies were factored in with venues; this followed last-minute rescheduling of roadshows during the first year’s roadshows when external circumstances led to contact centres being inundated.

Strong supplier relationships meant that the event was rescheduled in the same venues without additional charges.


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