Success stories

The true value of a successful partnership

Successful and trusted partnerships are such an important and pivotal component of any business.

Our Director of Supplier Partnerships conducts an interview with a key strategic partner, to really bring to life how these relationships enrich a three-way approach for maximum customer experience and benefits in line with our value partner proposition.

Delivering value

Building on partner relationships helps develop a firm understanding of the value of a partnership. A strong relationship demonstrates true value in the benefits of that particular partnership to our customers.

“Capita deliver huge value to us as a partner; providing great insights, and some of the best market intelligence, with great advice. What Capita brings to the party is shared new opportunities which helps us to develop our product and share key insights back.” 
Group Director of Agency Sales

Three-way partnership

A successful partnership isn’t just between an agency and a hotel group; it includes the customer. Working together, with the customer’s requirements and goals at the heart of it, will develop this strong three-way partnership.

“We have a very open and honest relationship with Capita Travel and Events. Whether you’re with a consultant talking about a meetings and events enquiry, or in a review environment, the outcome is very similar; have we got a great solution for the customer, at the right rate, and the right location?”

Business growth

As businesses develop and bring on new products and propositions, it's important to share this insight within the partnership. It ensures
all parties work together to maximise exposure and opportunities for customers.

“Our business has grown hugely as a result of working together, really closely with Capita Travel and Events. What we are very good at is finding an opportunity together, recognising that we could both be a good fit together, and then providing a solution.” 

Proposition fit

Understanding the difference in customer requirements is imperative to any business. Having the flexibility to meet these unique needs helps drive an effective partnership.

“I think our product and proposition fits well with Capita’s customers, because we recognise that no two customers are the same. We’ve got a great regional spread of hotels and venues as well as some fantastic coverage in London as a key city. We recognise that as the customer changes, and Capita changes, we need to be flexible with that.”

Business aspirations and strategies

“Capita understands our business aspirations. It’s something we discuss in a review environment; about growing our market share from our current customers. Capita supports us with that; as well as securing and uncovering new business that Capita bring to us that we might not otherwise have found. Those two things together will drive us to be successful.”

Difference in partnership

Proactivity in supplier partnerships helps to work through different ideas that can fit a hotel group’s portfolio, Capita Travel and Events’ business needs, and vitally, customer requirements and opportunities.

“I think when we look at Capita, we look at them as the utopia as to how a supplier partnership should work and that is based on one overarching theme - being proactive. When I look at it from a ‘how many people do you know?’ point of view, we have a great breadth of contacts within Capita. That enables us to have lots of different conversations, at lots of different levels. And they are all proactive; how can we pre-empt the customers' needs, before they know they’ve got them.” 

“I think the partnership benefits our customers because we both have the same goal in mind, we want to find a great solution for our customer, at a great fit that’s going to drive longevity, market share and opportunities. When we both go in together, on that same page, the customer is always the winner.”

Group Director of Agency Sales

Download: Successful partnership with Principal Hotel Company

Find out how our successful partnership with Principal Hotel Company benefits the supplier and our customers, driven by our specialist value proposition and delivery.