Technology is only useful if it works for you.

Using our specialist technology, we're able to offer anything from event registration sites to management information (MI), all of which are designed around your needs. Our high online adoption rates help to increase cost savings and visibility, allowing your business to travel smarter. 

Online booking

Our online self booking tool combines the best in class solutions for air, rail, accommodation, meetings and events, giving you the flexibility to create policy compliant travel itineraries and reduce your costs. 

Through our relationship with Concur we offer an unrivalled travel and meetings management solution.

Management information (MI)

Do you really need to travel? By being smarter about data insight and analytics, we can spot trends to demonstrate the total cost of travel or a meeting, and even challenge the need for it in the first place.

Our detailed, high-quality MI ensures that you are in full control of your usage and spend levels to drive your business objectives. The reports provide summaries and detail by cost centre, department or individual.

Event registration websites

Build momentum ahead of your event using our bespoke event registration websites. Offering a useful source of information for pre-event planning, it captures everything from attendance to dietary needs, and maintains engagement via post event analysis. Our solution offers full data management and real-time reporting ensuring your safety and wellbeing is that the forefront of our service. 

Traveller Tracking

Traveller tracking allows you to pinpoint your travellers around the world using our online tool. With our interactive map or search functionality you can view and report on locations of your travellers, and get full visibility to see exactly where your travellers are for your duty of care.


Negotiating and managing hundreds of customer hotel programmes each year, we can provide a quick, efficient and fully auditable process for collecting, chasing and negotiating hotel programme pricing.

Our industry-leading e-RFP tool uses previously negotiated rates, volumes tracked during each period, and third-party data to automatically benchmark rate performance for all pricing categories including room types, meal plans and VAT.

Mobile app

Our mobile app, iris:go is a personal travel assistant in the palm of your hand. You can view itineraries, important travel updates, timetables, maps and more - all whilst on the move. iris:go talks to our booking tools and alert systems, bringing your itinerary and travel information into one simple solution.

Check iris:go out

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