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Evolvi Rail Systems (ERS) is the company behind EvolviNG, the UK's leading online self-booking rail and fulfilment service designed exclusive for use by travel management companies (TMCs) and their corporate clients. It is part of the Capita Group, the UK's No.1 provider of integrated professional support service solutions.

Evolvi's service is specified by 180 TMCs and is the preferred choice for 22,000 corporate organisations and over 1 million registered users, helping them to arrange around 7.3 million rail journeys for business travellers every year.

The company has won five major awards in recognition of the technical and commercial excellence of its EvolviNG product. Evolvi operates entirely from the UK with its in-house systems, software development and support teams located in Reading, Berkshire.

Value this partnership adds to our customers

Giving customers the ability to book rail in advance of travel, our partnership with Evolvi goes beyond rail ticketing and fares access. It helps track and understand how much is being spent on rail journeys - when and by whom. This allows you to shape your travel policy, increase compliance, monitor ticket fulfilment channels and fare choices, track CO2 emissions and take tighter control of rail spend and the total cost.

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